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Consuming high glycemic carbohydrates on their own can lead to weight gain by increasing the body’s ability to store fat and increasing hunger.


A study found that eating high quality snacks earlier in the day had more favorable cardiometabolic measures and weights.


Consuming fish, fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and whole fat dairy on a regular basis decreases risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality.


One cheat day will likely not ruin your diet, but being mindful about consumption is helpful. It is less harmful to have a cheat meal than an entire day.

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Exercising one day per week can improve health and increase strength and overall fitness.


Honey is preferable to white sugar with a slightly lower glycemic index and antioxidant properties. But enjoy in moderation – it’s still sugar.


Eating 1-2 servings of fish per week can have a significant benefit on cardiovascular health due to its omega-3 fatty acids.


Nightshade vegetables provide many vitamins and antioxidants, and there is no reason to avoid them unless you have digestion related inflammation.


Imaging your food as different is not a healthy food behavior, but this study showed that recalling a meal as bigger might cause less food intake next time.


White potatoes have a bad rap with no scientific reason. If a food grows in the ground, it is part of a healthy diet and contains nutrients.