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A study found that eating high quality snacks earlier in the day had more favorable cardiometabolic measures and weights.


One cheat day will likely not ruin your diet, but being mindful about consumption is helpful. It is less harmful to have a cheat meal than an entire day.

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Imaging your food as different is not a healthy food behavior, but this study showed that recalling a meal as bigger might cause less food intake next time.


Eating two large meals a day on a proper sleep-wake cycle led to anticipating meal times by way of decreased glucose and hunger.


BMI exists to assess the general population for obesity but the measurement comes with many faults, misrepresenting health status.


A healthy weight is a place where someone feels well mentally and physically, is not at risk for disease, and is different for everyone.


Polyunsaturated fats include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and these must be in a good ratio for optimal health.


Try to move your body at least once every 30 minutes to offset the negative effects of sitting and keep muscles activated throughout the day.


Nutrition labels can be confusing but a few things to look for are recognizable ingredients, low sugar, protein and fiber, and no trans fat.


Are you overly stressed with choosing what to eat? Stop creating rules around foods and eat a balanced diet with moderation of all foods.