How we gain weight with simple carbs

“Overeating isn’t the primary cause of obesity. Instead, the process of gaining weight causes us to overeat” –D. S. Ludwig

The Yolk

Carbohydrate insulin model – high glycemic carbohydrate diets

What happens when we eat high glycemic carbohydrates on their own?

  1. 1. Insulin increases
  2. 2. Liver and muscle quickly take up glucose for energy
  3. 3. Lipogenesis starts (producing fat to store for later)
  4. 4. Triglycerides are released in bloodstream
  5. 5. Nutrients (if available) are absorbed too quickly
  6. 6. The brain thinks organs are starving
  7. 7. Hunger and cravings increase
  8. 8. Fat is stored

High carbohydrates and body fat



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